Personal Tax Organiser 2015/2016

Use this Personal Tax Organiser to keep all your tax documents together and as a checklist of what to provide to us at the end of the personal tax year. The tax year runs from 6th April 2015 to 5th April 2016.

It probably helps…

1. To open a folder, place this at the front and file all your tax documents behind in an organised manner.

2. If unsure, whether to include anything, put it in with an explanation.

3. If you need more space for any areas, please use a separate piece of paper.

Personal Information

Full name


National Insurance No

Tax Reference No

Date of birth

Male or Female

Spouse/civil partner full name

Date of marriage/civil partnership

Spouse/civil partner date of birth

Are you resident in the UK: YES/NO

Statement of Account

Please provide copies of any Statements of account received from the Revenue.

Interest Income

Please provide a certificate of interest received from each source in the year or bank statements or details of the interest received (gross, tax and net) making clear if any accounts are joint accounts.

How many accounts do you earn interest from in total ?

Dividend Income

Please provide all dividend vouchers for dividends received during the year.

How many different sources do you receive dividends from ?

State pensions and benefits

How much weekly amount of state pension received during the year ?

If this started during the year, please provide the start date.

Please provide details of any other state benefits received during the year and form P45U or P60U in respect of any incapacity benefit or jobseekers benefit received…

Benefit                  Amount received in the year

Pension Income

Please enclose a P60 for each pension received during the year and list the names of the payer(s)