Employment Law

The 'Employment Law' causes concerns for business owners because of the implications it might have on the business.

Unfair dismissal, discrimination, breach of contract, employment tribunals, red tape and regulations, lawyers with huge charge-out rates and employees demonstrating an ever-increasing awareness of their rights as the UK develops a more litigious attitude.

For all businesses, employment law can hit where it hurts the most - the

bottom line. Increasingly, too many employers are obtaining general and often

misleading information from the internet and placing reliance on it; only to find

out they should have sought specific and professional advice. When employing

staff for the first time, many businesses owners lack the knowledge or

experience to enable them to successfully negotiate through the employment

law minefield.

At SouthWest Accountancy we can provide an employment law support service

called Employment assist. Employment assist is a uniquely practical and

extremely cost effective management service, which enables any employer to

put in place and maintain up-to-date systems for recruiting and managing their

employees, whilst complying fully with their legal requirements.


Employmentor combines online access to an array of templates, precedents and model letters on each stage of the employment procedure online, together with unlimited access to a telephone and email helpline staffed by qualified employment lawyers who benefit from their day-to-day experiences as active employment solicitors.

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