Why Choose South West Accountancy?

At South West Accountancy we don't just provide a Professional service but a friendly customer experience.

Corporate Social Responsibility


At South West Accountancy we are fully committed to proactive

management and negative impact of our business on the



  • With our approach we can positively influence key stakeholders,

      especially employees, clients and suppliers.

  • We aim to complete our compliance with environmental law and

      wherever possible to go beyond legislative requirements.

  • We aim to reduce our carbon emissions by the efficient use of


  • We aim to minimise the consumption and waste as a product of our business activities and wherever possible to recycle and reuse office materials.
  • In our procurement decision, we proactively try to look out key suppliers with the best environmental credentials.
  • We engage and involve employees in sustainable decision-making so that we can act as a corporate body in our environmental endeavours. This is headed by our sustainability committee.
  • We will achieve these goals by a process of continual review and improvement. We are reviewing to carry out a carbon audit and will do so for future years so that we can monitor our progress and seek to make further reductions to our carbon footprint.
corporate social responsibility