Paying too much Tax?

UK tax system is one of the most complex in the world and it can difficult to ensure that you are aware of all the tax legislation applicable to your particular business. We at SouthWest Accountancy can help you cut the red tape and enure that you pay the right amount of tax

In the face of constantly evolving tax legislation, we can help to ensure that you are paying the right amount of tax, while also taking advantage of the tax schemes and allowances that are available to you and your business.

We can offer peace of mind that you are complying with your tax liabilities, while freeing up time for you to devote to your business or personal pursuits.

Some of the areas where we can help your business include:


  • Deciding on a tax-efficient structure
  • Making the most of allowances and reliefs
  • Reducing tax on disposals
  • Maximising tax relief on acquisitions
  • Liaising with the authorities on your behalf
  • Assisting with compliance requirements, including corporation tax self assessment

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